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Home Delivery


Posh Brioche are now offering home delivery every Friday and Sunday, giving you a chance to enjoy the taste of France in your very own home.  Simply fill in the order form below with what you would like to order and we will be in contact with you to confirm.  

For a delivery on Friday you will need to place your order by midnight the Wednesday prior.

For a delivery on Sunday you will need to place your order by midnight the Friday prior.

The menu will be rotating weekly, so you will be able to try every different flavour combination, and side offering. The brioche buns will be available in 2 sizes for home delivery; slider or burger.

Although simply tastier just by itself, we can serve our brioche with a range of side salads, crispy roasted potatoes and sweet potato or moreish brioche fingers with delicious toppings. 

Let the range of flavours take you on a journey across France and beyond.



Slow cooked lamb cooked in white wine, garlic and anchovies, served with a beetroot and parsnip chutney and roasted pumpkin.


Roasted autumn vegetables, served with parmesan cheese


Sous vide salmon rillette of capers, capsicum, pickles, spices and mayonnaise served on a crisp lettuce leaf  


Crispy skinned chicken served with crisp lettuce, tomato cheese and avocado


Fresh banana slices, served on milk chocolate and whipped cream 


Fresh strawberry, white chocolate and cookie crunch


Toasted marshmallow served with strawberry jam and a milo disc

Toasted Marshmallow

Toasted marshmallow served with dulce de leche

Candied Prosciutto

Candied prosciutto, served with fresh banana and maple syrup

...and something on the side?


Sweet Potato Chips

Rosemary, salted sweet potato chips 

Salad Aussie

Salad of crisp lettuce, tomato, corn, carrot, with a creamy dressing

Salad Nicoise

Salad of crisp lettuce, green beans potato slices, olives and tomato with a balsamic dressing

Greek Salad

Salad of fetta cheese, black olives and tomato 

French Toast Fingers

Deep fried, egg coated, brioche served with cinnamon sugar and a range of sweet toppings 

Delivery Menu for Week Commencing
October 2020