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Posh Brioche also has its origins in France with Frenchman Nicolas Tremblay and his wife Charlotte not only being owners of this family business but also making and taking orders and serving a product they are proud of.

Charlotte and Nico have a desire to share this unique taste of France with the people of Melbourne. The rather cute Posh Brioche food truck can be anywhere you want it to be. Adding a little French gastronomic experience to any occasion. 

First baked in the Normandy area of France, the origins of brioche goes back centuries with bakers all over France creating their own unique recipes for this very versatile French Pastry.


Brioche has always been a favourite with the French, allowing them to enjoy a small taste of France wherever they are in the world. Continuing that tradition, Posh Brioche spent months creating a unique combination of delicious ingredients, both savoury and sweet to proudly create a range of Brioche that really are simply tastier.

Where we've been...


The Posh Brioche caravan has added a touch of France to a range of events and occasions across Melbourne,  you may have seen as at one of the following locations;

  • The Ascot Lot

  • Hank Marvin Markets

  • South Melbourne Markets

  • Cheltenham Rotary Markets

  • Groove and Graze

  • The Craft Markets - The Briars

  • Frankston Seaside Street Food Festival

  • Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

  • Melbourne International Film Festival

  • Caulfield Junior College EOY Fete

  • Ego Pharmaceuticals Christmas Party

  • So Frenchy So Chic

  • Jubilee Estate Pop Up Cinema

  • Peter Hook presents Joy Division 


Event Bookings

Enjoy Posh Brioche with or without the truck...

You can enjoy the unique taste of Posh Brioche anywhere.  With or without the Posh Brioche truck.

We cater and customise the menu for any event.

Corporate functions, Birthday parties, Anniversaries.... Whatever the occasion, Posh Brioche will make that special occasion a little more special.

For bookings 'Contact Us' on the form below. 


Posh Brioche Menu

Derived from the regions of France and developed with a passion for flavours, the Posh Brioche menu not only enriches the simple brioche but caters to every taste. 

The Posh Brioche bun can be provided in 3 different sizes, cocktail for just a bite, regular for a healthy snack and burger for a solid meal. 

Customised fillings can be developed to accompany any event or beverage choice and Posh Brioche will happily provide consultation to make sure your event is made special with your signature brioche. 

Although simply tastier just by itself, we can serve our brioche with a range of side salads, crispy roasted potatoes and sweet potato or moreish brioche fingers with delicious toppings. 

Let the range of flavours take you on a journey across France and beyond, you can view our menu here.

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